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Rachel Brown (G059)


10th April 2000 Residence: Apapa, La, Accra
School: Garrison Burma Camp - Class 6 Sponsor: Jill Hailes

G059 - Rachel Brown

August 2012
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Rachel Brown August 2011

August 2012
We met Rachael here at the football pitches in Labadi. She is a lovely girl who is currently in class 5 but we are hoeful she will be prmoted to class 6 when he begins in September. She is an inteligent girl and is working hard at school. She is a friendly girl and was very happy to write to you. You can find her letter by following this link >>>>>

August 2011
Rachel has been attending school which is paid for by the UCC here in Ghana. She has been promoted from class 4 to class 5 and is doing very well in her studies. She has written you a letter which you can find by following this link >>>>>

We confirm that we will be providing updates of children on a 3 monthly cycle. If you wish to send any response to the child you are sponsoring please email us back and we will ensure that Rachel gets your response. We will, were possible get responses to specific correspondence to you as and when they are produced.

January 2011
Billa confirms that Rachel is doing very well in her new school since she has been transfered from the UCC.

Brendan will be providing an up to date photo and more information about Rachel when he returns to the UCC in April.