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Florence Kai Yemoh


Age 8 (June 2012) Residence: LaBadi
School: La Wireless - Class 2 Sponsor: Jenny Fox

June 2012
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June 2012
We visited Florence at La Wireless school. She is now in class 2 at school. We were impressed with her writing and reading, she has progressed very well. She sat with us on the steps outside of her classroom to write the letter for you. She was a little shy at first but after a while gained confidence to write a really nice letter. You can see from her writing that she is doing well, we were really pleased with her understanding and her ability to write so neatly.

Florence has a sister called Ruth who is currently in class 1 at La Wireless who has also come from the UCC school. We are seeking a sponsor for her also so we are able to help with school books when they are needed.

Florence has written a letter for you which you can find by following this link >>>>>

January 2011
Florence is doing really well in school and seems to be really excelling in that environment. We are confident that Florence will do very well this year, and that her grades will be good enough for her to be promoted to the next Class level.

Brendan will provide more information about Florence when he is at the UCC in April.